Desktop Version

Currently, we are going to upgrade our shop with multilingual, while we receive some inquiries
about the language issues.
For English Customer, Please choose "EN"
Make sure that the language box
has change to "EN"
Go and add your targeted items
into the cart
Enter Promotion Code (if any)/
Additional Message
at the bottom part
Click the cart button and Click Checkout
Complete the checkout form by filling
1. shipping details
2. shipment method
3. payment details
Note if you click "Continue Shopping" or "Back" button, the language will switch to French and the cart may emtpy
1. To change the langauge to "EN"
2. The cart items are still here, simply add some items into the cart, click the cart/view cart
All items will show again!
add item to findout the cart.png


All items will show again!!!
View Cart.jpg

Mobile Version

Home page 1.jpg
1.Click the menu button at the top right hand corner
Change Language 2.jpg
Add Item.jpg
3. Browse any product and Add items to cart
2018-11-14 15-48-17_edited.png
2.Scroll Down and click the Language Flag => Choose "EN", Click "X" or go to other product pages
Back to continue shopping or cart.jpg
After Continue Shopping.jpg
6. If you click "Continue Shopping"/"Back to Cart", the language will switch back to French and you have to change the language to English (Step 2), otherwise it will show in French
7. Sometimes you might encounter the cart has numbers, while viewing the cart, the page shows empty, simply add any items to the cart, and all the cart items will appear again!
5. Fill in the check out form
a) Shipping Details
b) Shipment Method
c) Payment
or click "Continue Shopping" / "Back to Cart"
2018-11-14 16-32-02_edited.jpg
4. View Cart, Enter a Promo Code/Add a note at the bottom part, then click Checkout